Who's Who at the Museum

Our Patron: Mrs Jill Madew OAM

Jill Madew lives in Canberra. Jill has been recognised with an OAM for her work as the founding chairperson of the Adaminaby Snowy Scheme Collection committee, and her tireless work to establish the Snowy Scheme Museum in a bid to preserve machinery used to build Australia's biggest infrastructure project.  

Management Committee

The Management Committee of the association of the  Adaminaby Snowy Scheme Collection Inc. comprises seven people who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The executive members of the Committee are the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer and the Secretary. The Committee includes three other elected members.

President: Tim Corkill

Tim Corkill lives in the Adaminaby District and is regional manager for a Cooma based business. Tim is the elected President of the Adaminaby Snowy Scheme Collection Inc. and chairperson of the Museum's Management Committee.

Tim is a regular weekend volunteer for the Museum and coordinator of the Museum's Building and Maintenance Committee. Tim is a talented metalworker, builder and general handyman whose skills are in high demand to keep the Museum's buildings and grounds in excellent condition.

On behalf of the Museum, Tim is responsible for public relations and liaison with tourism and business organisations throughout the Snowy Mountains region.

Vice President: John Bartell

John Bartell has over 30 years experience in operations of hydro electric generation/transmission and large storage dam management, and is currently employed by Snowy Hydro as a Township Manager.

John brings a wealth of technical (electrical, civil & hydrological) information and management experience to the skills base of the Museum's executive committee management.

He provides an invaluable link to both day to day and historical workings of the Snowy Scheme, and has introduced management procedures/policy and contributed to the strategic planning and direction of the museum.

He is also an active collector of Snowy memorabilia and old equipment to add to the museum's collection.

Secretary: Claire Middleton

Claire Middleton is an Urban Planner who lives on a rural property at the southern end of the Yaouk Valley, close to Adaminaby.

Claire has been involved with the Museum since 2002. During the development phase of the museum, Claire successfully used her professional skills to negotiate a modified development application and construction certificate for the development of the Museum's site and buildings.

As the elected Honorary Secretary, Claire is responsible for managing all administrative tasks for the Museum and for the coordination of the volunteers roster. Claire is a regular weekend volunteer at the Museum.

Treasurer: Beverley Schornegg

Beverley Schornegg retired from a firm of chartered accountants in Sydney and moved to Adaminaby in 2004.

Beverley became a volunteer in the Museum Op Shop for the next nine years. Beverley has been the Honorary Treasurer and member of the Museum's Management Committee since 2008. She is also coordinator of large group visits to the Museum and a regular volunteer at the Museum.

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor is an elected member of the Museum's Management Committee. Peter is a grazier and Veterinary Surgeon from Nimmitabel. He is a past President of the NSW Farmers' Association. He has served on the National Farmers' Federation and various State and Local Government organisations.

Peter has family ties to the Snowy Scheme. His father-in-law, Sir William Hudson, was the inaugural Commissioner of the Snowy Scheme.

Honorary Curator: Denis Shephard

Denis Shephard has been the Museum's Honorary Curator since January 2016. He joined the Museum after having worked as a curator for the National Museum of Australia for 17 years.

As Curator, Denis is responsible for documenting the collection and providing input to exhibition matters. He has completed a Collection Policy and a Collection Development Plan for the Museum. Denis has completed a photographic catalogue/inventory of the Museum's collection which now comprises more than 1000 items. 

Elizabeth Stephens

Elizabeth (Lilibet) Stephens is a long term resident and grazier from Adaminaby.

Lilibet is manager of the Museum's Op Shop and is responsible for its increasing popularity and profitability, and the coordination of an enthusiastic team of regular local volunteers. Lilibet has been an elected member of the Museum's management committee for three years.

Lilibet is dedicated to the communities of Adaminaby and is heavily involved in a number of community and cultural organisations, including the local branch of the Red Cross. Lilibet is also a talented artist and coordinator of the Adaminaby Art Group.