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Old Adaminaby
Old Adaminaby before the Snowy Scheme

Adaminaby was first settled as the township of Seymour in the 1860's. It was later to change its name to Adaminaby to avoid confusion with Seymour in Victoria. At the turn of the century, it was similar in size to Cooma.

Adaminaby was to later to achieve fame as being the place where the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme was officially launched on 17th October 1949.

As Lake Eucumbene was to flood the area occupied by the town, the Government decided to move Adaminaby, and this it did starting in 1956, taking whole buildings across the Great Dividing Range to the new site, giving residents town water and electricity, previously unavailable. Many tales of hardship and deprivation surround this move and the subsequent flooding of farmland, and demands for promised compensation still exist today.

The drowning of Adaminaby forms a unique chapter in Australia's history, and, as with the Snowy Scheme itself, it was a product of its time, and would be difficult if not impossible to achieve today.


AdaminabyOur HistorySummary
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